Elizabeth Johnson, Lizzie's Bakery

"It was so important for my future clients to look at my website and make it super easy for them to order a cake! The strategy behind every little detail was so perfect for my business! Isabel literally was able to get everything in my brain onto a website for my clients!”

Hiring Isabel from Striped Dog Creative was the best investment I’ve made so far in my business!!! 

Here's what Lizzie said:

  • Almost immediately after working together, Lizzie had 15 new leads sign up for her cake tasting box (without needing to hop on a call or manually take a payment from any of them!)
  • Then, she booked out her wedding and custom cake dates for the remainder of the year...in September.
  • The cherry on top? Her next tasting box sold out in just 10 minutes and 55 people joined her waitlist for the next one!

The results?

  • We separated her menu categories (desserts from pre-designed cakes from wedding cakes) so that we could speak to each audience's needs
  • We set up a magic system that allowed clients to order with the click of a button, eliminating the need for Lizzie to hop on the phone with everyone
  • We digitized and automated Lizzie's calendar so potential clients could see Lizzie's availability before speaking to her, saving both Lizzie and the client time and energy
  • We used clear, precise copy mixed with a detailed intake form to pre-qualify wedding cake leads and ensure they were a good fit for Lizzie so she could decide if she wanted to set up an initial phone call
  • We embedded an image gallery within each service page to keep clients on the page and focused on hiring Lizzie

What we did:

Lizzie's website was confusing so she was losing clients.
  • Her old website was missing information so she was repeating herself over and over again on every consultation call 
  • Her old website had a generic contact form, which meant Lizzie had to hop on the phone with each potential client, wasting her time and theirs
  • Lizzie was keeping track of her appointments manually so she was overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Her old website had lots of pages each with a tiny bit of information so users were having to click around and hunt down what they were looking for instead of staying focused on hiring Lizzie

Before working with us:

Final Website

From Confused Clients to 
Completely Booked Out

Client: Lizzie's Bakery

We have two services to help you take your business to the next level.

Want Business Growth Like This?

Bea Porter, The Bea Connected Team

"I knew I would get a quality website from you but I did not know that I would end up learning more about where I wanted my business to go throughout the process. I would highly recommend Isabel to anyone who has a website. The investment is 100% worth the service she provides."

You offered me industry insight into how to better manage clients and my business moving forward.

Here's what Bea said:

  • We took the smallest client package from $2,500 to $10,500 more than quadrupling each client's initial investment 
  • Clients must now sign on for a minimum of three months so clients stay long enough to see results and continue working with Bea
  • Bea only takes calls with potential clients who are pre-qualified (they're committed and ready to invest in strategy, they've filled out her new, detailed contact form, and she has determined they'd be a good fit)
  • Clients are excited to work with members of The Bea Connected Team, which takes pressure off Bea to do everything and adds value for her clients

The results?

  • We changed Bea's pricing structure to include a one-time set-up fee and required clients to sign up for a minimum of three months; this ensured clients stayed with Bea long enough to see incredible results
  • We completely removed Bea's low-ticket offer from her website and implemented persuasive content that all pointed to her high-ticket offer so we could focus on the types of clients Bea wants to reach to grow her business
  • By using copy that mirrors the language of the clients Bea wants to reach and by being specific about the types of companies Bea wants to serve, we created content that easily attracts the right clients and turns off the rest
  • We added testimonials and case studies to multiple pages on the site to illustrate Bea and her team's value, emphasize their strategy work, and showcase their results
  • We created a robust about page with detailed bios, including professional strengths and fun facts, for Bea and her team so get potential clients excited about working with the entire team and not just Bea

What we did:

Bea was wasting time selling a lot of one-time consulting appointments to clients who never intended to hire her as their permanent social media manager.
  • Bea had no time requirements and wasn't clarifying expectations so she and her team would spend lots of time on set-up and strategy only to have clients leave after one month of working together
  • Bea hoped to sell her high-ticket offer but kept booking clients for her low-priced mini consultation and her low-ticket offer
  • Bea wanted committed clients who valued her incredible strategy work, but instead she kept attracting clients who saw her as a glorified virtual assistant
  • A lot of the work and client meetings were being handled by Bea, but she wanted her clients to value her team as well (and she wanted to be able to take a break once in a while!)

Before working with us:

Final Website

How We Helped The Bea Connected Team Quadruple Their Income with a Strategic Website

Client: The Bea Connected Team

ashley turner, refresh aesthetics

"I feel more confident directing people to my website! Isabel is so thorough, detail-oriented, organized, easy to work with…I can’t say enough good things. 

I now look at other people’s websites and think to myself 'ugh, too wordy…nobody has time to read that. They need Isabel. I wonder what she would do with this one' 😆"

This might be petty…but I've been comparing my new site to my “competitors” in the area and mine is by far the best!

Here's what Ashley said:

  • Ashley felt comfortable and confident raising the price of every single one of her services
  • Clients have the information they need to book a consultation so Ashley no longer has to go back and forth in her DMs with potential clients
  • The automated booking process saves both Ashley and her clients time and energy
  • The confidence that came from having a website she was proud of, inspired Ashley to pick back up with her marketing efforts, leading to more authentic content and even more sales

The results?

  • We created results-focused content that emphasized the benefits of the procedures and how Ashley’s clients feel after working with her so potential clients were reaching out already excited to book a consultation
  • We created a clear consumer journey so clients were led from Ashley’s homepage right into one of her services pages which had all the information clients would need to book an appointment
  • We simplified information that could be overwhelming or confusing by breaking it down using bite-size steps, bullets, and charts so it was easier to digest and skim
  • We linked all of Ashley’s services to an automated booking system with pre-qualification questionnaires, allowing clients to schedule consultations without having to speak to Ashley on the phone first and giving Ashley the information she needs for each client
  • We added detailed FAQs to each services page saving Ashley and her clients time because they were getting the information they needed to make a decision
  • The content we created heavily emphasized Ashley’s unique and trustworthy background as an RN to create trust in her clients and illustrate her value
  • We created a fun quiz for each service category so clients could easily figure out which treatment was right for them before booking a consultation call

What we did:

Ashley was turning off clients with a website that focused too much on procedural details and medical jargon.
  • Ashley’s old website focused a lot on the procedures themselves, with graphic language and photos that were turning potential clients off from working with her
  • Ashley didn’t feel comfortable raising her prices because her old website was hard to use, unclear, and didn’t easily lead clients to booking an appointment
  • Ashley had no online scheduling system so she was taking appointments manually, which was overwhelming and tedious
  • Her old website didn’t have enough information so she was wasting her time answering the same important questions repeatedly on client calls
  • Ashley was losing clients because her old website was overwhelming clients with unnecessary information (like forms and medical jargon) in the form of large paragraphs without any visual aids
  • What creates trust with clients and sets Ashley apart from other service providers in her vertical is that she’s a registered nurse with a decade of experience–this wasn’t emphasized on her old website 

Before working with us:

Final Website

How Highlighting the Right Information Can Increase Your Revenue

Client: Refresh Aesthetics

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