My team and I are here to create strategies that increase your revenue and support your business growth for years to come. 

(Guess what? You're in the right place!)

Feel like you need an outside perspective to come in and help you identify strategic solutions so you can get to that next level in your business?

Do you find yourself hitting a wall with lead generation, marketing, and sales strategies over and over expecting different results?

Are you waiting for the perfect time to step back from your business so you can strategize and grow?

I’m Isabel Kateman,
Founder, CEO, and Dog whisperer behind Striped Dog Creative.

hey there!

And when we’re connecting emotionally with potential clients, we’re creating trust and making authentic sales.

Yes, of course, your website should be visually appealing. But everything stems from your 'why'. Once we’ve established why you started your business, why you like serving your clients, and why your clients hire you, we can craft an effective strategy and compelling copy that paints a picture for your potential clients of what it looks like to work with you.

With a background in digital marketing, brand strategy, and project management, I approach websites from a completely different angle–strategy and storytelling first.

While they were pretty, they were also useless in terms of connecting emotionally with the clients that landed on the page, taking the consumer journey into account within the design and flow of the content, and keeping the larger marketing goals of the business in mind.

I saw so many incredible graphic designers out there creating absolutely gorgeous websites… but they were lacking an overarching strategy.

Eliminating Pretty But Useless Websites

this is why I started my business

I've won awards for my organizational skills...

My favorite season is...

My agency clients included… 

If you took David Rose’s fierce passion (and sarcasm 😏) and Monica Geller’s (obsessive 🤷🏻‍♀️) attention to detail you’d get me!

Get to Know Me

My personality types are...

I'm exceptionally honest...


The Phantom of the Opera
The Book of Mormon

Do you want someone who’s going to waste your time and tell you what you want to hear or someone who’s going to push you and help you create a strategic website that works smarter not harder?

It’s okay, I already know the answer 🤪.

I’m an Enneagram #1 (The Reformer), an ISTJ (The Logistician), a true Projector (for those of you into human design), and a Leo.
For the non woo-woo out there, I’m a stubborn perfectionist who likes to find solutions others don’t see; I like to move quickly and intensely on all projects.

Okay, not quite...but like Monica I fear disorganization and genuinely think a fun Saturday is color-coding a file cabinet.

Why does this matter?

Because a disorganized website confuses clients and confused clients don’t Monica’s fear is valid.

I love fall and winter. I'm an LA girl that moved to NY to escape the heat. Seriously, I drink iced coffee every day of the year (even snow days!) and my happily ever after involves wearing legging, boots, and cozy sweaters in 45-degree weather.

Animal rescues and animal advocacy are issues that are near and dear to my heart. Each year, Striped Dog Creative gives a portion of its sales to both the Humane Society of New York and Vanderpump Dog Foundation as a thank you for bringing these two loves into our lives. 

Giving Back



In 2020, while we were living in LA, I woke up on my birthday and decided we were going to rescue another dog from Vanderpumps (it’s my birthday–a girl can dream right? 🥳) I never figured my husband would go along with it. But by that evening, we had Cooper, the craziest, most adorable little chiweenie (chihuahua and dachshund mix) in our lives.

Striped Dog Creative started as a side hustle back in 2017 when I was still working my agency job. I needed a company name that wouldn’t pop up in a Google search of my own name as I applied for new jobs. My husband and I had recently rescued Tobey from the Humane Society of New York. I was sitting in our living room trying to think of a name as I was staring at the white stripe down Tobey’s back and on the edges of her paws…the rest is history.

How Striped Dog Creative Got Its Name

meet the pups behind the desk...