Learn how to create a strategic (not just pretty) Showit website that will attract and convert dream clients.

Mind-Reading Website® Program

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Create a gorgeous and effective Showit website that tells people exactly how they can work with you to make it an easy yes!

Be incredibly intentional about the language you use on your website so that it speaks directly to your dream client.

Create a website so strategic in layout, design, and copy that when your dream client lands on it they want to hire you ASAP.

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Use my powerful SEO tips to get more dream clients landing on your website without lifting a finger.

Module 6: Strategically Launch Your Website

Use my strategic website guidelines for each page of your Showit site so you never have to guess at what content goes where.

Module 5: Build Your Strategic Showit Website

Use my easy tips for putting together your color palette so you avoid hours on Pinterest.

Module 4: Design Your Brand

Get my copywriting secrets that will take your content from generic to captivating.

Module 3: Write strategic content

Learn my site layout strategy so clients will always be led to your work with me page.

Module 2: Create a Strategic Website Foundation

Learn how to position your business so you offer dream clients exactly what they’re looking for and make it an easy “yes!” to book you.

Module 1: Identify Your Dream Client

Six Program Modules

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