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Website Audit Marathon!

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I just wrapped up the first cohort of my Mind-Reading Website® Program and it was so much fun!

I loved helping all these business owners create a more strategic website so they could raise their prices and book out their services. 

And now I want to help you!

I'm getting ready to launch the second round of my program, and I'm celebrating by opening up my calendar for 25 free website home page audits.

Ready for three powerful tips specific to your business and website that will help you book more clients? 

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I'm hosting 25 free website home page audits over the next week!

I want to give you three powerful shifts you can make on your website TODAY to book more clients.

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Strategic design is obviously beautiful, but it’s design and layout that effectively work together with your copy to attract and convert dream clients.

strategic Design

Strategic copy is going to literally take your ideal clients and send them to the right place on your website to hire you. 

strategic Copy

Your Strategic Foundation is like the blueprint of the house you're building that is ultimately going to lead to dream clients. 

Strategic foundation

What will you go over during the website home page audit?

1. I genuinely enjoy connecting with and meeting new people.

2. In my Mind-Reading Website Program, I realized most business owners share the same fears and questions when it comes to booking clients from their website.

3. I'm excited to further test out my strategic website framework and share it with others!

Why are you hosting free home page audits?

I'm so freaking excited to be doing these calls, and I can't wait to chat with you!

But, my time is valuable, and I want to reserve these calls for people who will make the time, show up, and be open-minded. Please only book a spot if you will attend the call.

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